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From a simple bug correction to 5 €, passing through the addition of one of my plugins, until the custom creation of an advanced feature, I provide my skills to optimize your shop Shopify.

I invite you to start discovering my services by scrolling this slider and clicking on "Learn more" for the essential details.

I can on your request to improve the score of trust, design, ergonomics and the process of buying your site, with the aim of increasing your sales and improve the customer experience.

Do you have a specific request? I invite you to contact me to discuss it. Thank you for letting me The URL of your shop and of clearly detail your query.

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Cart page with Upsell


Why use this page basket?

This page basket is my last production dated. So I was able to benefit from a certain experience before designing it, and I have already observed 7% conversion rates on a shop using it. If it will not make your marketing offer, I am confident that it will highlight your products, increase your average basket and convert the additions to the basket until successfully payment!

Some advantages:
  1. "Branded" page, essential element to reassure your customers
  2. Afforded savings displayed (similar to the FNAC system)
  3. Coupon code field activatable with automatic application to the next step
  4. Emergency countdown
  5. Secure payment badges
  6. AJAX system with price update without refreshing the page
  7. Everything is customizable in Shopify's editor, from A to Z
  8. Page designed with a configurable mobile design in its own right

Upsell system:

The UPSELL is really recommended but optional, it can be installed later. It is 100% configurable, developed primarily in Liquid for more than ideal loading performance. You can offer your customers Upsells according to the products and / or collections of products added to the cart. The Upsell can be judiciously coupled with Shopify's automatic discounts. If you have not yet tested from Upsell system on your shop, I urge you to do it, their potential is huge. I am confident that you can cushion and make it a cash machine within 1 week to 3 months (depending on the traffic of your shop).

Recent examples:

See an example page Cart

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Customizable pages


Up to 5 sets of pages are offered to get your Shopify site at the next level. All pages have been optimized for mobile and office.

  1. Page about
  2. - Fully configurable banner
    - Sober and airy design with up to 3 illustrations + texts
    - 2 redirection / call for configurable action
    See an example

  3. FAQ page
  4. - Fully configurable banner
    - search bar (based on keywords in questions / answers)
    - Arrangement of the FAQ by section
    - Possibility of adding an author by section for more authenticity
    See an example

  5. Contact Page
  6. - Fully configurable banner
    - Exclusive: integrated FAQ system intelligently to lighten your service!
    - Revisited design with a text column / html easily customizable
    See an example

  7. Tracking page
  8. - Fully configurable banner
    - Images, texts and lists of modifiable point
    - Integration of a tracking module (Trackingmore or 17Track)
    See an example

  9. Legal pages
  10. - a fully configurable banner applicable to all your legal pages (privacy page, legal notice, returns policy etc.)
    See an example

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Section Images & Texts


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Trusted banner


Why install this banner on your site?

  1. Customization possibilities are endless
  2. Gives a professional image with a unique look and a sleek style
  3. Provides visibility and key information (delivery, customer service ...)
  4. Does not require subscription to applications slowing your site
  5. Includes 20 vector badges of very high quality
  6. Light and much more efficient badges to load than standard images
  7. Code 100% responsive "(works on desk / tablet / mobile)
  8. The banner for the potential to boost your conversion rate

To know :

  1. You can customize your banner from Shopify's editor. Included 10 standards badges and 10 minimalist badges of very high quality.
  2. You also have the possibility to use your own images (JPG / PNG format)
  3. I take care of the installation and I offer you a trusted banner model in accordance with the style of your site.
  4. You can customize your 100% banner
  • Primary and secondary color of badges
  • Color of the contours and shape of the contours
  • Sizes of badges and police in office and mobile version
  • Position of the banner
  • Text management and appearance

This banner is guaranteed seriously, it will significantly increase the confidence index and improve the visual aspect of your site.

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Product image 360 ​​°


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Navigation tabs


Why include these navigation tabs on your product pages?

  1. This is essential to organize key information on your site.
  2. This does not require subscription to apps slowing down your site.
  3. The design is responsive (works on mobile).
  4. A good design has the potential to build and boost conversions.
  5. The great of ecommerce do it: it is very intuitive and ergonomic.
  6. The code is 100% customizable.

To know

Model # 4 is an advanced drop-down tab template that allows you to easily write all your tabs in the Shopify Description Editor. It is very intuitive and this gives you considerable advantages:
  • Change each tab for each product page. For example :
    • You can create a special tab on the product page on promotion
    • Change the delivery tab (deadlines, conditions) on a single product page
  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • Power to add and remove as many tabs as needed

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Single countdown


Debeson / Countdown Timer

This timer was inspired by a very high traffic site. It is 100% customizable in the shopify publisher and will allow you to convert more sales at Flash promotions!

Customizable elements:
  1. Timer with cookie (starts independently for each client)
  2. TIMER with deadly date (start and end at the same time for all customers)
  3. Text and positioning of the modular timer
  4. Usable on all pages or only on the home page
  5. Possibility to add a lively gradient in color background

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Excel cash follow-up


Cash flow

This tool has been designed to allow you to be up-to-date in your pro accounts, to follow your cash flow, calculate your profits and analyze your graphically results. This document works with Excel for Office. It is efficient and easy to use (if necessary, built-in video included), and especially suitable for e-traders using the Shopify platform.

This tool contains:

  1. The 1-click import of your orders Shopify (Excel 2016+)
  2. A chronological book of revenues, a register of purchases and other expenses, a register of recurring monthly expenses (month per month)
  3. Functional dynamic graphics to analyze your recipes / expenses based on all your variables
  4. An "advanced search" function to quickly subrill and isolate data
  5. Automated tax calculation for self-employed entrepreneurs (modifiable)
  6. The integrated calculation of Stripe and PayPal transaction fees (fees too often ignored)
  7. The calculation of Shopify fixed AND variable fees if you use this platform
  8. The calculation of VAT charges on imports of goods
  9. A summary table of your N-1 / N balance sheet
  10. A graph of your N-1/N activity balance
  11. A cash tracking chart with colour index
  12. A notebook for each month
  13. Explanatory comments for hard-to-understand topics (e.g. VAT in dropshipping, tax system)
  14. A backup system that will back up to 10 copies of your Excel file on your computer (better to prevent than cure)
  15. SAV Premium in case of questions or problems related to the tool

    1. Latest updates (January 2020):

      1. Added a feature to manage cancelled or refunded orders
      2. Fixed shaping bugs

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Buy 1 Product = 1 offer


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